Investment services

Tilman Brewin Dolphin is one of Ireland’s leading providers of investment management services. We know that each client has a distinct set of financial goals and we take time to understand your individual circumstances, your attitude to risk and your long-term investment objectives. Our experienced investment managers use this information to build a financial solution that is precisely tailored to your needs and aspirations.

Tilman Brewin Dolphin is authorised as an Investment Firm under the European Communities (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 2007 and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

The service that Tilman Brewin Dolphin provides is aimed at establishing realistic investment objectives based on an understanding of the client’s circumstances and requirements and matching those objectives to suitable investments.

Portfolios are invested primarily in stockmarket securities – shares, government and corporate bonds, investment trusts and unit trusts. Our asset allocation is broad, covering Ireland, the UK, Europe, the US and other international markets.

The investment strategy agreed will also take into account any ethical considerations expressed by the client. 

Investment Management Agreement 

Tilman Brewin Dolphin will set out an Investment Management Agreement with the client and the portfolio will be managed on a discretionary basis. In either case, the client will agree to an overall investment strategy with the portfolio manager.

Our portfolio advisory service is designed to offer a comprehensive service to those who wish us to monitor their portfolios and to make recommendations, but who wish to reserve the final decision on all transactions to themselves.

Under the discretionary service, the portfolio manager will take all investment decisions consistent with the terms agreed with you at the outset. Our approach is based on a continuing process of tailoring portfolios to meet clients’ specific objectives, even as they change over the course of the relationship.

In both cases periodic reports detailing the composition and value of the portfolio are sent to the client.

Charges are levied by way of a management fee which is related to the size of the portfolio, and commission is charged on individual transactions. 

Procedures to establish a portfolio 

Following an introductory meeting aimed at outlining an investment strategy, the following administrative details must be put into place.

Signed Advisory or Discretionary Client Agreement Letter: This is a detailed letter issued under MiFID guidelines.

Anti money laundering (AML) requirements will differ depending on the jurisdiction and type of relationship. The following are intended only as a guide to the minimum requirement. Please contact your Investment Manager for more information.

Private clients

  • Date of birth
  • Current passport or current driving licence, and
  • A utility bill or bank statement (not less than three months old)

Corporate clients

  • Company Memorandum and Articles of Association Certificate of Incorporation
  • Director’s verification documentation
  • Shareholders holding 25% or more verification documentation current signatory list


  • Trust Deed
  • Trustee’s verification documentation
  • Settlor (if settlor not deceased) or controller verification documentation, where applicable


  • Copy of Charity Deed
  • Registered number
  • Trustee’s verification documentation current signatories list


  • Copy of Pension Scheme Trust Deed
  • Trustee’s verification documentation
  • Underlying client verification documentation, where applicable 

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